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These solar features are revealed by powerful magnetic fields emerging through the sun's surface.

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A Limited Edition of 1500 Solar Prints are made available each month, signed and numbered by the artist. You can also choose additional 'Helioscape' products, available as gifts and collectibles.


Composed primarily of hydrogen gas with less amounts ionized elements like calcium, sodium, helium, the chromosphere is a transition layer between the relatively cool solar surface and intensly hot corona.


Only by using the latest in digital image processing techniques, combined with exceptional optics, high magnification and high resolution image capture can these invisible solar features be revealed.


Our fascination with the sun has dominated human curiosity with the earliest recorded study of the sun dating back to 28BC when Chinese astronomers noted the first sunspot observations.

The Artist

Stephen's father was a physicist and avid amateur photographer who encouraged him to explore photography and the world around him. His professional career involved the use of a wide range of motion and still photographic equipment on feature films as well as broadcast sports. A passion that led him to design and fabricate special cameras, camera accessories and optical systems for use on major motion pictures such as Ridley Scott's Prometheus and sporting events such as the Athens Summer Olympics and 2010 World Cup Soccer in South Africa.

"My enthusiasm for astronomy took on new meaning as my children were entering high school and started participating in science projects. As we explored the night skies together it was my children who reopened my eyes to the beauty and wonder of celestial bodies and methods of capturing them in unique ways. After a few months we started looking for increasingly challenging targets which led us to our local star and the process of wavelength-specific observation."

Stephen Pizzo

The Process

The deep red light of the Hydrogen-alpha emission is focused on the sensor of a 6K Dragon-Epic camera in a special monochrome configuration. This camera, popular with professional filmmakers and photographers possesses characteristics make it ideal for solar imaging including extended dynamic range, higher framerate and compressed RAW recording. Finally, the image data is combined and processed through a series of applications using advanced algorithms to squeeze out the maximum amount of detail and tonality while minimizing excessive noise.


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